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PORES - A Journal of Poetics Research

Issue 5

issn 1740-4304


PORES issues


Welcome to PORES 5.

This issue is comprised of two parts.
Part one - Poetry and Public Language is online now.
Part two - Text and Music will be published in stages over the coming months. A good excuse for you to keep coming back!

PORES 1 was designed by Michael Hrebeniak. Subsequently Bill Griffiths redesigned and developed the site.
Bill Griffiths died last year. As well as writing very fine poetry, Bill taught himself HTML, designed a number of web sites of his own and published digitally-based texts. For appreciations of Bill see the links below.


Details of Bill's life and work can be accessed at
See also Tom Raworth's In Memoriam page at
and the obituaries by Will Rowe in The Guardian [],
Nicholas Johnson in The Independent [],
and Ken Edwards in The Times [].

Veer Books will celebrate Bill's work with the publication of The Lion Man & others in the summer of 2008, a collection of his work that Bill had been compiling with us at the time of his death.

Bill Griffith's Collected Earlier Poems (1968-80), edited by Alan Halsey & Ken Edwards, will be published by Reality Street and West House in 2010.


In order to continue to use the College server, the design for PORES 5 has been developed within Birkbeck protocols.
Special thanks to Barbara Harris and Stephen Mooney for design and editing work.


Will Rowe


PORES webjournal, Professor William Rowe,  email: