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What Can Be Done

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Contemporary Poetics and the Re-inscription of Urban Subjectivities

Dell Olsen

VOGUE DIVINE: Do it yourself (flowers)

Vogue Divine billposter, Wilmslow Rd, Manchester 2002

Vogue Divine billposter, Wilmslow Rd, Manchester 2002

This is about making and why I don't know I did it and now I'm really attitude-y about the whole thing like someone's trying to catch me OUT and all I did was stick paper on a wall1 and it was raining and the poems fell off and I liked them more when they tore pretend gangsters saying get in the van get in the van but

Vogue Divine LIII 'Moleskin', Whitworth Street West, Manchester 2002

I wouldn't even tho the posters looked so beautiful someone ripped the one of Phil on his knees waiting to get his PRESCRIPTION right down his back four claw marks must've been a girl or another drag queen with nails as sharp as that have you ever

The composition of the sketch to be painted is schematic

seen anyone do that to a poster on a wall before I mean was she offended because it was a guy in women's clothes or the SnM thing which was so coy anyway or was she was disappointed that it was a poem not an advert or religion or just plain jealousy that this 56-yr old guy had a better butt re: memory of straight-up Mark saying he'd found that particular postcard very er stimulating and then doubletake halfway thru having a wank over an old bloke's arse was the POINT wasn't it advertising eye-noise/pretty/$ then have

Vogue Divine, Oxford Road, Manchester 2002

to admit here to some parties in makeup when younger and cuter myself and remember that fireman's birthday with all the

The pattern suggests a high degree of craft

crinolines and wigs so maybe yeah jealousy because Phil had the guts though he did airbrush his varicose veins which really bugged me because I loved when you looked close you could see AGE and that was always the idea or was it

Vogue Divine XXX 'Faux snakeskin' (in situ, detail

that's the problem along the surface of the thing like a Warhol answer but gee Andy you're so somewhat disingenuous and there was all this stuff like sadness looking at unbelievably gorgeous Vogue bunnies chicks studs whatever animals arranged so dead in Sue's2 collection of Vogue virtually the entire 1980s a decade I was at war with all the good people might've just as

Were all aspiring painters to follow the instructions in minute detail - 000s of almost identical originals!

well been in a fucking submarine yes I kid you not the entire 1980s seen thru Vogue and so that's where the text came from I reckoned if you hate it so much then just consume it right back at them hence found poems but of course I also love the im/to make myself happy w. sexy opulent blankness to mass-produce poems without effort to be visible to be shallow to annoy other poets/personal disengagement from my own body clutter but interesting to process these texts and the names of gods keep appearing the

This absurd idea in the age of industrial mass production with the help of mass-production techniques

Vogue Divine: original notebook

first one an accidental reading was HERMES trickster-think and felt sort of keyholing some kitschy Greek heaven idea Phil 2 finding all these 1940s Madame Yevonde photos of Society god-women piss-taking their sitters think she was in the Communist Party these amazing reds and aquamarines and Helmut Newton pastiches and talking about how far we could legally go with insomnia the night before I was going to get arrested and annoyance Phil photo-shopped his head onto a young model's body I wanted

Thus DIY (flowers)

Vogue Divine, Wilmslow Rd, Manchester 2002

them all to be him that was always the idea Gaz re-setting them because they looked like poems not ads where's the STRAP-LINE appearing along the curry mile in Manchester me out photographing them in situ some homeless3 guy drinking underneath 1 at about 10 in the ayem and me feeling shit about it but taking the photograph anyway 3 deep on a wall by the station and people blanking them by the hundred as I watch my readership right by the vodka bar where Eric and me watched them walk by all day drinking these chocolate flavour cherry flavour pussy flavour vodkas and laughing at all the people for even thinking about work4 but that was before I had my big collapse or whatever you want to call it breakdown breakthrough being published by Bob and Eric died always the titles come last and Bob died but was so much older so it counts differently my mother gave the poems titles because Andy W's mom signed his pictures for him well the early ones anyway which I think was nice her handwriting me.

1. Manchester Poetry Festival 2002 brochure (detail): 'Writer Philip Davenport and artist Phil Sayers have made a series of poster poems. This is an around the city exhibition. At first glance simply fashion posters, the young "female" model is actually a 56 year old man in drag; the words are a poem, not a sales pitch... made by cutting up articles from fashion magazines... Davenport's previous Imaginary Missing People (published Writers Forum 1999) several hundred missing person poster poems bill-posted in Manchester, London, Brighton. Phil Sayers has been an artist since the 1970s, exhibiting nationally and internationally. His work questions gender, celebrates transvestism.'

2. Sue Arrowsmith, artist's personal archive of Vogue magazine.

3. For a contrary position: 'THE BEAUTY BIBLE (frontispiece) /Sarah Stacey is an award-winning journalist + tv producer Sarah Stacey lives in a white-painted Victorian house in W. London with a constant companion + two cats Josephine Fairley is Beauty Editor of The Mail on Sunday's YOU magazine JF lives in the middle of London's Portobello Mkt + is obsessed w. gardening fragrance + her husband.'

4 'I have been photographed to death.' (Attrib. Marlene Dietrich)

Vogue Divine (detail, rain-damaged billposter)