P O R E S   4
An Avant-Gardist Journal
of Poetics Research
W i l l   R o w e
E d i t o r i a l   S t a t e m e n t
Tony Trehy
Questions of Ideology and Ideological Apparatus

Gallery of work from contributors to the Forum on Women Writers:
Elizabeth Jane Burnett
Marianne Morris
Susan Johanknechtarmour
Emmanuelle Waeckerle
Carol Watts

Alan Halsey
An Open Letter to Will Rowe

Allen Fisher
Minimaus: in response...

Will Rowe
Invisible Power

Frances Presley
Piano Trio by Nicola le Fanu

Frances Presley
two flames

Frances Presley
Frances Van Goor

Phil Davenport
Vogue Divine

Bill Griffiths
In Audience

Tony Lopez
What Can Be Done

Ceri Buckmaster
Contemporary Poetics and the Re-inscription of Urban Subjectivities

Dell Olsen

Contributors to Pores 4 were invited to respond to the following questions:
How and why do the ways of reading poetry in the UK that are most publicly visible still exclude work that is aesthetically and linguistically radical? What is the history of these models of reading poetry, and what is their relationship to marketing? What are the key sites of influence and how do they work (as cultural practices and as forms of power)? Why have recent moves, for example in Poetry Review, to give some recognition to the range of British poetries aroused such hostile responses? What is at stake? What are the possibilities for real change? What types of writing and publishing are offering alternative economies of reading to those that postmodern capitalism benefits from?


Assistant Editors:
Aidan McCardle
Stephen Mooney
Piers Hugill

Contributing Editors:
Caroline Bergvall, Robert Hampson, Sean Bonney.

Published by:
Contemporary Poetics Research Centre
School of English & Humanities
Birkbeck College
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HX
England UK

020-7631 6143

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