P O R E S   4
An Avant-Gardist Journal
of Poetics Research
C a r o l   W a t t s
title page

Tony Trehy
Questions of Ideology and Ideological Apparatus

Gallery of work from contributors to the Forum on Women Writers:
Elizabeth Jane
Marianne Morris
Susan Johanknechtarmour
Emmanuelle Waeckerle

Alan Halsey
An Open Letter to Will Rower

Allen Fisher
Minimaus: in response...

Will Rowe
Invisible Power

Frances Presley
Piano Trio by Nicola le Fanu

Frances Presley
two flames

Frances Presley
Frances Van Goor

Philip Davenport
Vogue Divine

Bill Griffiths
In Audience

Tony Lopez
What Can Be Done

Ceri Buckmaster
Contemporary Poetics and the Re-inscription of Urban Subjectivities

Dell Olsen

alphabetise (2005)

a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h from her prose poem chronicle, alphabetise (2005).
Exhibited in Different Alphabets, Bury Text Festival, Bury Art Gallery and Museum, September 17-November 27 2005.

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