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Allen Fisher


Nodding Donkey


are shifted just as clarities of judgement become troubled. The exquisite neurologics of memory display a capacity to
change pitch. Sodium ions communicate a bi-ligand array, twisted together in a double helix intertwined springe that flex resultant accommodates different metallic songs. These are recordings and codes in traces with facilities to connect.

A relationship between even-skipped and engrailed expression, only partly iambic and partially lyrical, signifies a pair-rule in short- and long-germ beetles' patterns as their camouflage develops. The fullerene cage can be magnetically sensed by an endohedral atom of helium.

The potential energy junction is di-sphere symmetric and molecule tumble allows the averaging of measurements. Strict scale invariance only applies between well-defined bounds.


“Rain rinses the road,” the renewed Cartesian pairing in part of Basil Bunting's Briggflats, with its apparently even scansion,

breaks within its own measures and becomes, in 1951, in concord with the post-war geologist's view of the Earth.

The crust ranges from grain size rocks

and thickness of sedimentary layers up to the finite width
of the seismogene. Non-universal scaling of fracture
lengths and opening displacements persist. Any pretence
to completeness is destructive. The sea level has been
rising throughout the twentieth century. A combination
of groundwater withdrawal, surface water diversion and
land-use changes have caused a third of this. Climate-
related effects are smaller than has been previously
supposed. Spiral waves have now been observed in many excitable systems including heart muscle, aggregation
slime-mould cells, retinae, co-oxidation on platinum, and oscillating chemical systems such as the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction.

(That is the complex of experiments carried out in
1968, and subsequently, involved in chemical reactions,
with either excitable and periodic dynamics, that reveal
wave-like organisations in space and made particularly
lucid by the malonic acid reagent known as “Sodium Geometrate”
and popularised by Arthur T. Winfree in 1980. You can see the
apple solution changing colour in a periodic rhythm.)


In apparent contrast to this statement, ostensibly about consciousness, came the proposals of punctuated
equilibrium in which the recognition of stasis as a
meaningful and predominate pattern within the history
of a species became manifest, and became recast as the differential success of certain species within clades.
The search for a better summary was already underway
in 1968.

More recent investigations into polymorphism of crystal structures indicate that alternative structures result
from variations in ionic and molecular packing and conformation is now recognised in the mineral phases of calcium carbonate, in the production of polypropylene,

in explosives such as ammonium nitrate and lead azide, in non-linear optical materials, ceramics and catalysis such as zeolites and metal oxides. Crystal twinning can stabilise a crystal polymorph.

In Larry Rivers' Second Avenue, Frank O'Hara's poem flashes on and off against the street and the frameshift.


The contempt for information enhances a nation rested on its ability to sustain what has happened as its basis.

All colours in this information system are tinted or reduced.

All issues of pleasure are trailed with a cynical requirement to return to values already established and unquestioned. When the conventional handcuff analysis of dialectic was led into the meadow a comfort was confirmed and elaborated into a rest-box. The size of pebble used to disturb the pond of the rest-box became too heavy to lift until the wrist restraints were removed. Various devices followed to encourage opening the field. Gates were operated with latching devices - a provision that metaphorically gave entrance to the discourse of the spirit, which had been locked out or clustered into a coral form. The fence scale operation was ruled out and over the top, that is it presented another discourse.


The aesthetics were observed to be the “bring-rain” ceremony. The young are the frogs of the rainstorm, they churp and croak. This becomes known as the place of awe filled with processions of pilgrims. The portraits of their ancient makers dissolve back into the limestone. The present day sapling altars, the ruined temples of Yaxuna, and the Castillo of Chich'en Itza are all symbols of the creation of the cosmos.

The creator plays an accordion on the corner of Church Street and High Town. The bishop climbs the stairs and asks for the meaning of dispossession. The answer is already personal and multiple and can never be proven as true or false. Temperature windows allow islands to form on top of islands. Manipulation of this can be achieved by forming a number of small islands using low-temperature deposition, sputtering or by use of surfactants.

Another temperature window controls shapes, the fractal island becomes rounded by higher temperatures. Perfectly random motion can lead to self-organisation. Tom Raworth opened catacoustics as the cloud burst.
Using mirrors as beam-spitters

it becomes coherent to construct interferometers and make precise measurements. Caesium is bounced on an atomic trampoline limited only by the scattering process.

Caesium atoms were dropped onto mirrors from magneto-optical traps in the form of a cloud.


Retinal photoreceptors are noisy. They generate discrete electrical events in the disk indistinguishable from those evoked by light.

The random spontaneous events are strongly temperature-dependent. Noise results from thermal isomerisation of a relatively instable form of rhodopsin.
The evidence continues to display a similarity between
damage and rapture. A paper given at the conference
focussed on the metonymy of endogonic shock in which
two liquids brought together explode and propel the next
rocket away from the planet. The remaindered fuel forms
a milkweed array on the launch pad and a necklace of
flaming fuel shorter than a handshake in the sky. The
viewers' calm and assurance is stolen in that moment and
the following minute appears to offer the expectation
nothing short of an ecstatic whack

immediately part of a robbery shifts the world of cultural
analysis into obvention. The methane record shows
that long-term trends have been driven by variations in
insolation caused by the Earth's changing orbital
geometry. Underlying climate changes are at least
hemispheric. The direct radiative impact over 40,000
years warms the planet a tenth of a degree. One
hypothesis attributes changes

to the speed of high-latitude flatlands at the end of the last glaciation.
A second concerns the catastrophic outgassing from methane hydrates (clathrates) stored at high pressure and low temperatures in the Pleistocene ice sheets, in permafrost and within the marine sediments of outer continental shelves. A third hypothesis discusses periods of greatly enlarged lakes in the Sahara, and cites these as evidence of a tropical wetland source.


One minute it darted off like a kingfisher, and the next it entirely disappeared. At times it grew as big as an ox's head, and then straightaway shrank to a cat's eye, finally it returned to frisk in the reeds. Historical geomagnetic measurements over 400 years

reveal a symmetrical pattern of four relatively stationary flux concentrations and lobes at the surface of the liquid core and regions of rapid change extending from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.

The present geomagnetic field morphology and pattern of variation have persisted for several million years.


The accordionist wipes his face with a boiler rag. The smudge of oil leaves an inscrutable portrait.

The resolution is the demonstration of the four-colour solution

in which the calculations are replaced with images to help those surprised to understand incompleteness and exactness. Gap junctions comprise two hemichannels which interact head-to-head to form an aqueous channel between cells. Intercellular voltage differences together with increased intracellular concentrations of hydrogen and calcium, cause closure of these normally patent channels. A global tilting of the hemichannel subunits has been correlated with channel closure. To investigate biological motors they constructed instruments with spatial and temporal sensitivity to resolve movement on a molecular scale. They deposited silica beads carrying single molecules of the motor protein kinesia

on microtubules using optical tweezers and analysed their motion under controlled loads by trap interferometry. They find that kinesia moves with discontinuous steps shorter than blue light. The pattern of received data could be recognised from noting when the receiver's oscillator was able to shadow the received signal and when it was not. Alternatively a chaotic signal was used to mask a speech pattern.


The two added at the receiver to form a combination that looked like random noise with no obvious speech feature. The receiver oscillator's output was then subtracted from the transmitted signal to reveal the speech pattern. When some superconductors are in mixed states the flux lines can form well-ordered lattices. The capacity for memory or storage within a few degrees of absolute zero are immeasurable.

In the phase diagram the vortex is both solid and liquid.
The poetry gets so close to exact poise as to lose
consciousness of its production. This is very late in the
twentieth century where magnetic decoration can image
the lattices at low temperatures,

but provides only limited information at the higher
temperatures at which they melt. Using small-angle
neutron scattering to find evidence of melting

of the magnetic flux lattices solves this image problem in 1994.

The image result is a transition from three-dimensional flux lines
at low fields to two-dimensional pancake vortices at high fields.


In 1884 Medardo Rosso modelled

his Impression in an Omnibus, a group of five figures disintegrating in his perception as they walked off in the rain. The sculptural optics of the passing moment was now within a complex mnemonic situation. Flux-lattice melting tells us much about basic issues such as phase transitions in the presence of disorder, dimensional cross-overs and liner liquids. The exploration of the limits of meaning take place with protection. Rosso reaffirms the validity of ordinary experience in an understanding of how there can never be ordinariness. Impression in an Omnibus exists now only as a series of written and photographic images. Conflict and dissensus take precedence over any possible consensus to delimit and define the present.


The mammalian pineal expresses a circadian rhythm in the production of the hormone melatonin which is controlled by a circadian fluctuation in the enzyme arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase (NAT). For neuronal pathways, including the retina, the pineal gland acts as a temporal regulator for the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal-axis.
An analysis of the rates

of spontaneous frameshift mutation in simple repetitive DNA sequences in yeast shows them to be significantly destabilised by mutations in genes affecting DNA

mismatch repair. There are examples of deterministic physical systems for which reproducible laboratory experiments are intrinsically impossible. This unusual situation arises from the existence of riddled sets of initial conditions that correspond to different outcomes. Typical nonlinear dynamical systems have several possible time-asymptotic final states.

The site of judgement involves the belonging together of differences. The attractor cannot be predicted if there is any measurement error at all in the initial condition. Each basin of attraction is full of holes at arbitrarily small scales - hence riddled basins.

In any case, all initial conditions have measurement
errors. The notion of determinism in early modernist
poetry and classical dynamics has been eroded

since W.B. Yeats and Poincaré's work led to the
recognition that dynamical systems can exhibit chaotic

behaviour in which small perturbations grow exponentially fast.


For a chaotic system, ubiquitous measurement errors,

noise and computer round-off severely limit the time over which, given a precisely defined initial state, one can predict the detailed subsequent evolution. Another example may be found in the 'Crazy Jane' poems. The behaviours of such systems are quantitatively non-deterministic. As the starter of the system tends to be confined to an attractor in phase space, at least its qualitative behaviour is predictable. Optical emission is tightly confined to the core of the radio jet, and is resolved into a number of highly polarized knot structures. Both the optical and radio emission can be explained by synchroton radiation from a stream of energetic particles burrowing into the surrounding medium.

Comparison with the radio maps also reveals asymmetry in the emission across the jet, indicating significant lateral motion of the jet relative to the ambient motion. We determine the Gibbs free energies of all competing phases as a function of the external pressure. On the basis of space-filling arguments, phases may be expected to occur in a mixture of hard spheres: these include pure face-centred-cubic crystals of either component, and the binary fluid.


If a given structure has a very high volume fraction at close-packing then at lower densities the constituent particles will have a large free volume in which to move and hence a high translational entropy. The motion after-effect is a familiar experience and has been observed for many visual stimuli, including tilted lines, colours, stereoscopic depth,
curvature, spatial frequency, contrast, rotation and motion in depth.
An auditory perceptual after-effect is caused by
adaptation to auditory spatial motion. This was made clear
when Bob Cobbing performed parts of Processual at the
London Musicians Collective in 1983. After effects
produced by the motion of spectral jerks are independent

of those produced by spectral notches, suggesting separate processing channels for spectral peaks and notches.

Holes in clusters offer the possibility of a black-hole-
millisecond pulsar binary system with large eccentricity

and small orbital period, a system ordinarily not possible in the Galactic disk.


Black hole hierarchical multiples tidally

strip the envelope of red giants with high probability as the radius of the giant envelope increases. The judgemental distinction is between affirmation and repetition. The mammalian olfactory system has the remarkable ability to detect odorants with high sensitivity and specificity. The initial events in the olfactory signal transduction pathway occur in the specialized cilia of the sensory neurons. Unlike other neurons, these olfactory sensory cells are continually replaced throughout adult life. Inference fix can only be a cultural matter that changes with context or responsibility and varies as much as skulls: there are those with vestibular apparatus that paint with bipedal balance – there are those that prevent it.

The imperative real reaches explanation in the distinction of soot and country moths as pollution indicators. On the stone quarry walkway the stems of indigenous plants break the surface of the pride dust and grow around the geology of the sledge cap. The complex concept of facture is an infinite set of cardinality. The metric space that contains the discrete concept of poetry facture gets labelled “poem”.


It is known as the hedgehog space of spineiness misquoted as spinniness. Parts of the space are unapproachable just as others are unavoidable. A classic text at Palenque speaks of the central axis of the cosmos as the 'rained-up' sky. All opens to the separation of the sky from the Earth.
The Christians steal the Temple of the Fabricated Cross
with good reason. The carvings of ancient trees are
outlined with reflective mirrors,

and they wear jade necklaces and loin cloths as if they
were living beings. The Shamans frequently dip into cups
of wine made from honey and deep well water to be
charged by the fluid they rename spiritual force. In
order to detect patterns that were meaningful in

cosmology and poetry many different kinds of knowledge
must be brought to bear. Solo experience will not do. The
phonetic key that allowed decipherment

in the Quirigua creation story was an image, a mask. The mask plays a musical instrument or smokes.

The aged image, complete with cigarette, takes in the breath of ancestors through a Muwan Bird headdress.


The inhaler sits inside a house made of limestone fossils

with a crocodile on its roof. Behind the inhaler is a bundle called 'burden'. A convention was a couplet repeating the information from the preceding passing in complementary form. The primordial tree rises out of the offering plate in the perception of those making the offering. The perception of difference rises from the identification of the many possible varieties in the imaginary. The nomenclature of creator is multiple and fraught with unwanted innuendo: the shaper, sculptor, mason of creation is also the artist of the sky map and carries a seed bag on the chest to plant the Pleiades and form the imaginary. Mule abandons these formulations.

Mule lives in complex social groups and a well-defined territory. Discarded consumer goods form the boundary interspersed by large latrines. Badgers patrol the territory and conspicuous paths and forage in the neighbourhood of Glastonbury. The main setts can become disused when disturbed and annexe setts or even subsidiary setts can come into use for cub production.


Spoil is a sign of usage and helps to determine the type of sett. Tunnels are usually flattened ovals and not round or tall. The latrine can include packaging and discarded food. Mule diet is a different complex. Mule desire proposes abandonment and exhalation. The range-form feeds back into the need for 'burden'. It is not anything goes, but a refusal of the refuge of both home and nation. The refusal is a sage frameshift, field-over-field in a rudder boat through lard, Mule discovers the hermetic in a collective abandonment.