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Johan de Wit


beat by beat

beat by beat as rather in common does
with born above for all is hardly right
something towards like or otherwise get
nearby fit till then more pork makes age tear
cloth that way never prints upfront knows old
fans hang many narrow totals full of
upside self becomes free in case flips off
into slightly roars only to final
ought lifts as both bodies spread on half springs
everywhere points to push broad daylight back

even over when the weather holds the
snow together several men in turn dip
how behind which drags home along much for
but beneath loose justice draws shades squat near
tiny lips neither twist nor risk common
friends rock the rock of bipolar first shame
first faintly through its descent against a
neck ago opts for rotten shoes light up
the clock at then and that turns early once
fine skins pass by moments say sorry roll

back on back off poppers keep the press in
touch would does like it if when won't often
any hosts arrive blank late about patch
takes long cool as point frightens far less help
less death while on holiday does matches
place maybe in the fight against crime they
have lost our best address before end meets
Casanova mainly with or without
tomorrow whatever Brazil means notes are
dispatched five times the rest is soon fragile

half so sweet in full fall says hello it
is it is snap and snide a deal a burst
of one to one on one popular call
elsewhere raw extracts grim reading as my
mind revolts nuts tumble down the porthole
continues to provide air which soul is
also there above very few hard pink
styles credit some sort of benefit from
within rich pigs in politics measure
courage perhaps instead about dare charge

matt on yellow pomp across slag heap suits
whether almost foil now wet as such fresh
vain sharp floods prone to beside acts watch what's
that then snatch quietly by and with drops
from then on ahead because hidden is
still absent like brief enough nothing checks
nowadays sneaks in run-on snags until
recently assumes cod itself seems lead
along simple blue sound flattens basic pay
sets pure common sense in open concrete

care and colonise one on top of an
other locks pain onto Cassandra a
part from none not to say done turns wholly
from time to rubber time belongs to ebb
flows out of nowhere to Broadstairs after
plenty of uncountable foreign beers
in not of when facing follows next joins
each inner ear near the ceiling though yet
might hear sideways backward slants on one leg
goodbye to everyone slips in short change

why the hell is it what the hell it is
now on sale marks hassle-free foil having
wrapped silence in silence stands by free speech
fires sober suits into riots speak for
tomorrow's main hairlines blast zero sight
by massive music stands eight kinds of blow
pipes no longer survive on top hashes
up pure hashish until next-to-much quits
quite nicely plus which prepares all walks of
not even one pepper goes on all fours

fall fell fallen on a lower level
moves spite to keep the public from running
in shorts agree with any of many
degrees made from soft lime and hard clay mixed
with slightly left of centre celery
swells homespun first-class honours catch PX
at once cash over slash inside no-one
else marks every slender detail by hand
dekkoes dons and doffs as top little worms
get a thrill from moving over the edge

try this sample setsquare pack at full moon
ups the sky insomuch as corncobs lack
cornelian shifts the show must go on
peat and pine Atlantis and semantics
but for which floods and dialogues wipe out
Plutinos just like wet balls are back at
base maps darts zaps spawn froth outside either
covers form or licks hot lips spray less buts
than bats tenable to match a giant
cult city beneath the broadside gravel