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It's breezy freeing a stone, button perishes it. recuperative notion. accumulation of well-meant frenzy. aesthetics the result of imperfect fit. newly experienced and previous between parts sensed pattern transposed in spacetime and orientation and with variation in scale between parts. churn doubt moored in shrewd net by fusing the starts. sun's up and in view, pen injects this. foot sown the shown. refrain, continue uniform bubbles, at atmospheric pressure, remain stable with anticipation for displacement where at least, retreated. sculptured land. one side demonstrates the viscous deformation of glass. the dimmest flash. various bubbles change.

Fir straps sty brain. alignment of neighbours under an external directed stress akin to tetrahedron transfers in flowing glass. prepares. theological and virtuous propensities. irrelevant, button reel desperate. cicadas shot pale serendipities. hot greeting withers word, jet happens. he sees curvature as necessary to connect adjacent vertices and reconciles his short- and long-range needs. the cell faces in groups close around each three-dimensional cell, with fewer sides than a hexagon connectedly fills space.

the angle corresponds to a tetrahedral co-ordination of oxygen ions around silicon in a glass sheet - it almost exactly matches the junction of four soap bubbles splashed there by the washing-up and the structure of it all - a frothlike assemblage of pentagons with fewer hexagons and occasional tetragons, more nearly of equal area and with edges of less curvature than in a crystal array. inner shed a done condominium. facile estate call. betting shift shapen in the frame parliament astride in ditch burning burred. circadian rhythms thrice regulated by a pacemaker, an input, and an output mechanism. The pacemaker drives these rhythms in the suprachiasmatic nuclei of the anterior hypothalamus.

spot. fate scans reach only old tales. speech idealised, labelled. pace beaten a canister other. tossed, sold bias as soon as it offers break shone the lover's key note, paused in phase space, Its night that totes dose shot reccurs in tonights concert. the position of the cells ΔFΔG on the audible area is qualitatively important, and an enumeration of their possible combination is capable of producing a group of well defined terms to which can be applied the concept of entropy and its calculation.

Experiment preset these mounting stone tracks. uncover freshen-up fount. distort beneath fount, rough of fountain, breaks correlate with morphologic transition from simple bowls to complex forms, slump terraces and uplifted peaks, and from complex craters to ringed basins. the rollover and precipitous drop in depths and relaxation may flatten or bury topography. the ice shell's thickness controls exchange between surface and its putative water ocean. a thick shell would be susceptible to solid-state convection and overturn, whereas thin ice would be vulnerable to crack-through and melt-through from below, environmental light/dark entrains the clock by means of retinal-hypothalamic projections.

Some shapes differ from interface-determined shapes until encounter. structure is individual before it becomes aggregate. a sequence of changes already, by definition, a complex structure, manifestation of star spots. the use of niacin, or simply yeast tablets. on the weathered surface of a cast brass door knob or internally in clear ice which has been kept at its melting point (these boundaries on an atomic scale promote imperfections in a uniform stacking array). a series of chemical connections form a three-dimensional network of current-carrying tubes, stored inorganic ions and organic transmitters. before birth a lower level of connectivity responds to sense experience by growth and division while storing more and more ions and transmitters at junctions.

These cells have three variables: mean frequency, mean amplitude, and mean density of the grains. the growth pattern is a memory of an individual's life superimposed on inherited skills, which are integrated. the brain responds to sense experience since it conjures up connections confused by animal reactions and rational constraints. one of these formulates from observation's abstraction. the sphericial density of the grain of a cell ΔFΔG also constitutes a quality which is immediately perceptible, entropy and its calculation could again be applied.

Manic perceptions (understood as read). speech normal prevents net understanding's indeterminate reliance on a shift of viewpoints and sequential change of scales of attention awareness involves comparison of thought sensed pattern and a previous awareness formed in brain's physical structure by biology inherited and then leant. only a fraction of the atoms converted, the system's superposition state left the moment-series in which these particles are simultaneously atoms and molecules. he imagines it is pentagonal readily seen in a three- dimensional froth on his beer and in his fat cells and in the grain of his rusted watch. Started with an atomic condensate and converted into molecules using a laser light trap from the collision interaction between cold atoms. the tolerance for foreign cations depends on the number and distribution of polygons with various numbers of sides and the effect of temperature increases the spread and lowers each package density. the shape of a condensed phase provides steric conditions, repulsive exclusion, for selective interaction with another phase at short range.

Quantum-mechanical interference patterns provided evidence of a coherent quantum superposition between a pair of atoms and the molecular state. an ideal coherence that invoked a return to modernism and its theological restraint. crater morphology derives influence from surface gravity and lithospheric properties. different morphologies can be attributed to compositional and rheological differences. droplets of different sizes and parts of a droplet on a surface have different curvatures and areas implies that the local energy, related to curvature, is everywhere different. faces have different energies and areas. shape and size become mutually dependent. a search for alternatives to coherence. rage of preservative shambles. when ice is constrained, convection proceeds within and thus favours diapirism and can lead to ovoid features and chaos terrains.

Allen Fisher 5/10/2